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Metronidazole gel generic cost :$0.30 generic price:$0.33 This medicine is available online and in store The only other drug that has similar effects to amoxicillin penicillin d-a, but this drug is an antibiotic, not a prodrug, so it can be used as a starter dose. How much will it take for me to build up the level of amoxicillin I need? Weighing the pros and cons of different doses can be a daunting task. It's important to speak with your doctor, whose opinion will be the most important. Amoxicillin can be used as a pre-prodromal antibiotic (which means, you must be at a certain stage in the infection before taking amoxicillin) or as an immediate prodrug (which means no special waiting). If you want to use amoxicillin immediately treat an early-stage infection, your doctor would prescribe the full dose recommended by your health care provider (30-50 mg per day). How do I tell if have amoxicillin in my system? An immediate prodrug is not broken down in your liver, so doctor will tell you if have any amoxicillin left in your system. Some antibiotics are metabolized more quickly in your small intestine; some are broken down more slowly, so your doctor will check level of amoxicillin once daily at your consult. If amoxicillin is detected in your system, treatment may be discontinued. Amoxicillin Side Effects Amoxicillin can cause problems. Check your supplement package for additional precautions. If you notice any of the following side effects: shortness of breath sweating nausea or vomiting diarrhea dry mouth wheezing headache loss of appetite increased blood pressure abdominal pain fast, slow heartbeat increase in blood sugar levels increase in body temperature diarrhea or constipation stomach pain (gastroesophageal reflux) difficulty swallowing tremor weight loss changes in vision and hearing How can I prevent Amoxicillin side effects? Taking amoxicillin with foods or other ingredients that can trigger an upset stomach help keep you from developing side effects. A review by the World Health Organization concluded that no adverse effects of drug treatments other than those caused by drug metabolism (the process which drugs are broken down) have been reported for the use of penicillin in humans. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has taken steps to make sure the drug is free of known problems related to drug metabolism; however, you should still make an informed decision about having the drug prescribed to you before making a decision about whether to make a medical trip or other changes to your medications. Check with doctor to make sure the drug you are taking has been evaluated and approved for your specific use by the FDA. Amoxicillin Dosage How much penicillin do I need? The only available dose of amoxicillin that is available without a prescription 30-50 mg per day. If you need a higher dose, your doctor may prescribe it. How should I take the recommended dose? Take the penicillin immediately after other medication for an initial 12 hours. If you are taking amoxicillin for an infection, follow your doctor's instructions for how to take the antibiotic when symptoms worsen. To prepare for the antibiotic, take medicine as it would be taken, with or without food. Follow the directions on label to reduce the chance of taking too much, and to prevent side effects from the antibiotic. Tell your doctor if you are taking any other antibiotics. If you are taking any medications, the medicine you are also taking should be cleared from your system before starting amoxicillin. Do not exceed the recommended dose of amoxicillin. If you take too much, even after 12 hours of antibiotic therapy, it can cause serious side effects. Amoxicillin Dosage: Antibiotic Resistance How much amoxicillin do I need to treat my infection? In the past, treating infection might have required several doses of amoxicillin. But in recent years, amoxicillin has been replaced by an antibiotic-based cure-all called ceftriaxone (Cegro-Z). Amoxicillin is not a cure-all, but it is often prescribed to treat bacterial infections of the bloodstream, such as meningitis. The standard recommended total dosage of amoxicillin over the course an infection is 30-50 mg/kg (50-100 mg/lb) of body weight.

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Metronidazole is used to treat bacterial infections of the vagina, stomach, skin, joints, and respiratory tract. This medication will not treat a vaginal yeast infection.

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We are delighted to announce that Thomas Hunter Temperley has been promoted to Creative Director.
At Gallagher Horner, we believe that education and training are vital to the development of our team to ensure we offer our clients the best possible experience.
Thomas has undergone extensive training and development from the Salon Directors and L’Oreal Professionnel and also assists Artistic Director Brian at Photographic Shoots and London Fashion Week.

In other good news, Thomas has also won a place on the coveted L’Oreal Professionnel ID Artist programme which will see him travel the UK and Europe attending education seminars representing Gallagher Horner, working in partnership with L’Oreal Professionnel at the L’Oreal Colour Trophy and Spring/Summer Autumn/Winter Catwalk Showcase.
Thomas says “Joining the award winning team at Gallagher Horner has been amazing. Brian and Mathew are truly inspirational and have supported and encouraged me all the way. Joining the L’Oreal Professionnel ID Artist programme will allow me to offer new on trend hairstyles to my clients while taking my creative hairdressing skills to the next level”.

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Untitled design (1)

Summer appears to have arrived – finally! Here at G & H, one of our favourite summer looks is the braid – and we’re not alone. It seems that the humble plait, in all it’s guises, is the go-to updo for some of the chicest A-listers. From simple side-swept versions (we blame Frozen’s Elsa!) to intricate fishtails, waterfalls and herringbones, braids are big news and can work for all age ranges and hair types. We love Jennifer Aniston’s braided look – ideal if you’re growing out a fringe – while Blake Lively looks as glam as ever with her red carpet style. If you’ve a special occasion coming up and fancy trying one of these looks for yourself, why not pop in for a consultation and we can discuss a style to suit you.

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Well done to G&H’s Creative Stylist Thomas, who’s just back from a stint backstage at Graduate Fashion Week in London.

Assisting Hair Directors Andrea Daley and Lisa Rhead as part of the L’Oreal Professionel Portfolio Session Team, Thomas styled for catwalks East and West at the Old Truman Brewery in hipster-central Brick Lane. Fashionista favourite TecniArt was the product range responsible for all the stunning looks you see here. Awesome work Thomas!

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It’s coming up to that time again where we prepare for numerous award entries and competitions and we couldn’t be more excited! Keen to retain the title won in 2013 when Brian was named Scottish Hairdresser of the Year at the British Hairdressing awards we’ve got our dates penned in our diary to work with the amazing photographer Andrew O’Toole on a two day shoot to create our collection for 2015 in London later this Spring.

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There is a business brain behind all of Brian’s creativity hence The Salon Magazine have asked Brian to be a regular contributor to their Business Blog – the most recent being on ‘The Importance of Awards.’

In the feature Brian explains what elements it takes to grow an award winning team; such as creativity, trend awareness and client focus. “This awareness comes from our art team regularly taking part in shows such as London Fashion Week where seasonal trends are constantly pushing boundaries and challenging conceptions”, says Brian.

Brian also discusses the significance of entering competitions and industry awards, taking into consideration which ones best reflect the work of the salon. With another blog post from Brian due to be featured this month and Gallagher & Horner nominated for a whole host of awards this season, there’s plenty to shout about!

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We’re excited to announce that we have taken part in Hair Magazine’s 5 days 5 ways editorial which will feature in their April edition. The feature includes a shoot where our multi award-winning Brian Gallagher recreated 5 of his favourite hair looks fresh from the catwalk. The looks included a totally wearable colourful fishtail plait, a more adventurous Bardot beehive and some seriously commercial loose waves and a faux bob. Each style was picked to ensure that readers could easily recreate the look at home and be ready for any occasion this spring! We can’t wait to see Brian’s work in print and look forward to future collaborations with Hair Magazine!

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This season at Gallagher & Horner we’ve had fun mixing up some stunning new tones to add to our extensive colour palette. New favourites of ours include Blush, Sage, Graphite, Ash, Burnt Orange and Indigo Blue. All very brave shades, each of which bring an element of ethereal vibrancy and nowness to your hair. If it’s something more subtle you are after, brunettes should opt for a mahogany mix, whilst blondes should go for either icy blonde or honey shades to keep bang on trend.

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Fashion Week is the holy grail of hair inspiration! Whether this be on or off the catwalks, there’s amazing hair to be seen everywhere. New York Fashion week never fails to disappoint, this year featured genie braids, hat hair, bold blondes and bob cuts. A classic look to be seen on a lot of the runways was the simple low ponytail with subtle updates such as leather accessories or back brushed at the ends to create lively texture – an elusive nod to the 70s. Be fashion forward and try some of the amazing looks for yourself!


We <3 BAFTAs hair!

Another year of BAFTAs means another year of impressively beautiful hair. Hollywood’s hottest pulled out all of the stops for one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in the film industry calendar.

With a lot of 70s inspired looks to be seen, there were plenty of sleek and straight styles, loose and side swept waves and effortlessly tousled locks. Contrastingly paired with smokey eyes and dark lashes – the Royal Opera House couldn’t have looked more glamorous.

Be inspired by our Hollywood honeys and try out their looks at Gallagher & Horner!

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